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Chic & Comfortable Airport Style Staples

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

What’s harder than packing? Figuring out what to wear on your travel day that will be both comfortable and chic and reflect where you’re going, because you know, we like to let people know. On my travel days, I usually arrive early to my destination so that I can squeeze out a few things to do. Arriving early usually means that my hotel room won’t be ready so I always make sure to wear something that I’ll be comfortable in all day, and this doesn’t mean wearing sweatpants.

For example, when I travel to New York I know that I’ll be doing a lot of walking so I tend to slap on my favorite pair of black Spanx leggings, a stylish but comfortable sneaker, a white v-neck shirt and a leather jacket for good measure. The trick is having a plan ahead of time and basing your outfit around that. The items I just listed happen to also be a few of my favorite key pieces which I talk about below. Happy shopping!

The Power of the Black Legging

A good black legging will take you far in life and on vacation. Last year I purchased the popular Spanx leggings during the Nordstrom Sale and I haven’t looked back since. The faux leather leggings work just like a pair of regular Spanx would. They slim you down and hug you in all the right places making them the perfect day to night clothing item in your suitcase. I always carry these with me either as one of the main pieces in my bag or as a backup outfit and most of the time I end up wearing them because they are so fashionable. You can throw on a pair of booties, sneakers, or sandals with a casual t-shirt or dressy top and you’ve got yourself an outfit for every day of the week. Hmm, maybe I should test that theory out for you guys. Anyway, they are a great investment and will run you about $98 but they always go on sale so I would recommend keeping your eye out for that!

Plain White T’s

The versatility of a plain white t-shirt is unlike any other. Tuck it in, untuck it, crop it, v-neck, crew neck, the possibilities are endless. I especially like these tees for this reason. I probably own 20 white t-shirts that are all different styles and love to pair them with leggings, shorts, skirts, and my favorite, jeans. Not only are tees comfortable but you can dress them up with a jacket or other accessories and you can dress them down by putting together an athleisure outfit. My favorite white tee is from, drum roll please, Walmart! Yes, for $7 I bought a white v-neck shirt with a pocket that looks identical to the popular Madewell shirt that will cost you $19.50. I don’t know about you but the two look pretty similar to me!

Madewell shirt on the left, Walmart on the right.

Leather Jacket or Jean Jacket?

To wear a leather jacket or jean jacket that is the question. I always take one of these jackets with me because I usually get cold on a flight or get surprised by the low temps at night. I have had the same faux leather jacket since highschool from Hollister. Yes, you read that right, Hollister! It came with a removable hoodie so it was the best thing to ever happen to me. Unfortunately, the jacket’s time with me is coming to an end because it is falling apart, but until I find the perfect replacement I’m not getting rid of it. Black leather jackets are the perfect piece to dress up your casual outfits. If they have cool studs on them even better! I’m currently feeling this oversized moto jacket from Nasty Gal so that I can also wear chunky sweaters under it. In the spring and summer, a jean jacket has the same effect. My current favorite is a Levi's jacket with palm trees that I scored at TJ Maxx!

So there you have it, my top three travel outfit staples that I never leave home without! Share your go-to travel outfits with me on social media and tag me @lanii.soto.

*This post was not sponsored, all opinions and suggestions are my own. If you plan to travel during COVID-19, please do so responsibly by wearing a mask in all designated areas to protect yourself and others. Please do not travel if you are experiencing any cold symptoms.

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