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Fall Fashion 101: The Chunky Boot Trend

It's officially Fall and even though I live in Miami, I'm a sucker for the latest Fall fashion trend, the infamous chunky boot. It seems like every well-known fashion and lifestyle influencer has a pair of these and they look good with almost any outfit so I had to jump on them. I recently went on a little online shopping spree to find the perfect chunky boot that wouldn't make my already short legs look even shorter.

There are tons of online boutiques that have these chunky boots in stock and in lots of colors too. I was on the hunt for black boots because they tend to match with a lot of different outfits. I originally started the hunt for these boots back in February because they were a trend in 2019 as well and I had a feeling they weren't going anywhere. The boots were even popular during summer! I searched through sites like Nasty Gal, Missguided, Zara, and ASOS which is where I ended finding the perfect pair. Of course, there are designer brands making the boots and if I had the funds, I would've gone for the Prada boots! A girl can dream.

If you like the combat boot with the side pocket ASOS has them in a variety of colors for $60-$70 right now! The ones I bought are below and were only $56. They are lace-up but also have a side zipper. Currently, only size 5 is available!

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