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Fall Flights to Destinations in the US Under $100

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

I’ve been on Google Flights a lot lately looking for affordable flights to destinations in the US and the results are too good not to share. I know that it is still difficult to travel to many states around the US including New York because of mandatory 14 day quarantines but if you have the vacation time and are going to follow the rules then definitely take advantage.

Since most of us are working from home it may be easier to find an affordable flight because travel dates are more flexible. That’s where Google Flights comes in. I’ve been choosing the “explore destinations” tab and filtering weekend trips in the next 6 months. Flights as low as $29 pop up and yes many of them are on budget airlines which to be honest feel like a safer/cleaner option right now.

  1. A flight to New York from Miami is $41 on United Airlines right now! New York in the Fall is unlike anything not to mention the weather is just right and the Halloween decorations that start to pop up are Instagram worthy. If you’re concerned about the COVID situation, the state is currently at a 1% infection rate and have been able to keep infections well under 1000 cases per day.

  2. Want to be up in the mountains in a secluded cabin? Asheville is $94 roundtrip from Fort Lauderdale on Allegiant Airlines. If you need some more convincing check out my guide to Asheville! COVID cases are at a steady 1000 cases per day so I would consider doing a little more research before booking.

  3. Colorado has already been experiencing snow and has flights as low as $67 roundtrip on Frontier! I know I’m ready to get out of the heat and head for some cooler weather. COVID cases here are below to about 500 cases per day.

  4. If you’re looking to learn about our nation’s capital before elections head to Washington, D.C. for $47. COVID cases in the district are below 50 cases per day.

  5. Has anyone been watching Good Bones on HGTV or is that just me? The show takes place in Indianapolis and a flight will run you about $71. COVID cases are under 1000 per day.

Despite how “safe” a state or city might be to travel please remember to always abide by the laws they currently have in place. As mentioned above many states have a 14-day quarantine depending on where you’re coming from. If you have that many days to play around with then more power to you but if not then it’s best to do some exploring in your own state!

*This post was not sponsored, all opinions and suggestions are my own. If you plan to travel during COVID-19, please do so responsibly by wearing a mask in all designated areas to protect yourself and others. Please do not travel if you are experiencing any cold symptoms.

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